Which one doesn't belong?

Which one doesn't belong

A few weeks ago I was introduced to these great little graphics that get kids thinking and debating about the different characteristics by which we can classify things. I thought these were cool when I thought they were puzzles with just one right answer, but as it turns there is no one right answer. The whole point is to get conversation and thought going!  They are just so cool!

This year, I am teaching a Study Skills class for the first time and introduced a "Which one doesn't belong" the other day. It was a picture of an onion, a bunch of asparagus, a pepper and an apple. It was fun hearing their reasoning for why the asparagus didn't belong or why the apple didn't belong. 

Which one doesn't belong

As it turns out, there are books and workbooks and even a completely free website inspired by #MtBos that has all sorts of "Which one doesn't belong?" graphics. There are ones with shapes, numbers and graphs and equations. There are also links on the site to bloggers who have written about 'WODB". 

I'm always looking for fun thinking warm-ups to give my students to get their brains going and ready for class. These are perfect for that.


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing this neat idea. :)

    1. Aren't they great? I love the site. Thanks for commenting Amanda! :)