Create Customized Checks for a Checkbook Lesson

I love having the chance to help my Consumer Math students avoid some of the money pitfalls they will encounter after graduation. From credit cards to student loans to even just being open about finances with loved ones. Our first lesson of the year is wants vs. needs. After that we get into writing checks and creating an Excel bank register (this year we will only use Google Sheets) that uses formulas to automatically calculate account balance given debits and credits.

I came across a great pin on Pinterest and followed it to eventually find a template for creating customized checks! Here is an example:

I added the name, address, bank name, routing number, account number and even the little owl (there are a few pictures to choose from). I made a set for each of my students and it didn't take much time at all. Here is what the form looks like when you go to the site:

At the bottom is a submit button, which brings you to a URL with 3 customized checks. Here is how you can save and print them:

Fill in information

Click "submit"

Once you see the 3 checks, Control P to “print” (really it will prompt you to save)

Save as kid’s name

Print as you would any other pdf

Here is the link to the online form to create the customized checks: Blank Customizable Check Template

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