The horror of bad feedback

linear equations flippables - slope-intercept foldable

Feedback. Everyone gets it, everyone gives it. It's the reason I'd never want to be a principal. I cringe giving it, I cringe getting it, especially when the feedback is bad or about my favorite things.

Or both!

"Looks good, I like the idea behind these, and I think they will help my students. However, I think some adjustments to the layout would be beneficial and save some time in cutting and assembling them. Thanks!"

She was right. 

linear equations flippables - old version

Here are photos of one of the flippables she was referring to. I should mention that this set of linear equations flippables is my bestseller, so the feedback was especially hard to swallow.

linear equations flippables - old version

After a few more ratings along these same lines, I decided to push all else aside and do some serious updating. The old ones got completely scrapped. The new set is easy to assemble. Just cut, stack and staple. Here's a gif of this same slope-intercept flippable, now completely updated.

linear equations flippables

And I got carried away, which is something I tend to do in all aspects of my life. I went whole hog. 

point-slope flippable for an algebra interactive notebook

The Point-slope flippable got updated.

slope formula flippable for an algebra interactive notebook

The Slope Formula flippable got updated, too. Different font, better layout for cutting faster, more streamlined appearance. 

I also added a set that is blank inside for students who need a little less scaffolding. And I have to tell you, I like them more than ever.

Algebra Activities Bundle 


  1. Is there any way to download the gif to embed into a ppt for my students?