Teacher Game Changer Alert! Kahoot!

I have read a lot of blog posts in my day.  I’m always looking for new tricks and ways to make my teaching more engaging as it sometimes seems that doing anything at all - even staring at the ceiling - is more fun than learning Math. This post from Mrs. E Teaches Math was a complete game-changer.  Have you heard of Kahoot?  You know those clickers that every teacher who runs any sort of educational PD raves about but that no budget manager will ever purchase? Well, forget those! Kids can use any sort of device that gets on the internet – including their phones – to play Kahoot. 

Needs: a projector, internet-accessible devices (students can definitely pair up if need be), time to make a multiple-choice Kahoot. It’s amazing. It’s the absolute perfect way to review or assess student understanding of any topic, and it took less time to make a Kahoot than it usually takes me to create a lesson!  Here is one I made for our Algebra 2 midterm review.


  1. Love this app! Just showed it to a bunch of teachers at a PD session today and they loved it too!

  2. This is always the best tool to show teachers. They love it so much! Thanks for linking up.

  3. I love Kahoot. I just wrote a post about it. Many thanks. Sandy

  4. Thanks for sharing my post! My students LOVE Kahoot! so I just wanted to share it with everyone :)

    1. It's my pleasure! Your post changed my life!

  5. Kahoot is so much fun!!! We played it during our PD and some were very competitive. Such a fun app for learning! Thanks for sharing!
    Planet Happy Smiles