Top 10 Greatest Moments in Math History

Top 10 Greatest Moments in Math History

There have been a lot of great moments in Math history and your list may be different from mine. (In that case I'd love for you to add your top moments to the comments!) 

One of my all time favorite graduate classes was taught by rockstar professor Oliver Knill. The class was called Teaching Math with a Historical Perspective. We looked into the history of math and where our different theorems and beliefs originated. As a final project, I wrote a paper on the Top 10 Greatest Moments in Math History that started this blog series.

You can either click on an individual top moment below or start on the first moment and travel through all 10. 

1:  Zero
2:  A Written Counting System
3:  The Development of Inquiry
4:  Pythagorean Theorem
5:  Euclid's Algorithm for Greatest Common Factor
6:  Primes and GIMPS
7:  Isaac Barrow and Nonviolent Differentiation
8:  Infinity
9:  Enigma
10: Avoiding Catastrophe with Chaos

Are you ready to see the first Greatest Moment in Math History? (CLICK HERE)

top 10 moments in math history

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