Graphing Vertex Form Quadratics in Special Ed Algebra 2

Are your Algebra 2 students struggling to graph quadratics in vertex form? This free math cheat sheet walks students through the steps for graphing vertex form quadratics.

My Algebra 2 students do really well with visual references and reminders. We have math word walls all over our classroom and I give them math cheat sheets for every unit and topic we learn. 

There is a lot to remember when it comes to graphing quadratics! We graph in vertex form, then factored form then finally standard form after refreshing on how to factor quadratics.  

Above is the reference sheet we use. It helps my students keep the steps in order, to remember "x is opposite", to make a table and our graphing pattern. And here is a video to go along with the sheet.

My students REALLY LOVE the "up 1a, over 1 - up 3a, over 1 - up 5a over 1" pattern and have an easy time remembering it! What's nice about this pattern is that it flips when graphing radicals, which links up nicely to inverses. 

Algebra 2 math word wall reference for quadratics in vertex form

This is our Algebra 2 math word wall reference for quadratics in vertex form. I catch my students using it all the time to figure out which way to shift, what the graph will look like, how to find the vertex, how to note the vertex and domain and range. 

You can find this graphing quadratics in vertex form cheat sheet here.

There is a free set of vertex form quadratics task cards linked here.


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