Making Scientific Notation Fun in the Secondary Classroom

Fun scientific notation activities: Scaffolded Math and Science
fun scientific notation activities

Scientific Notation is one of those things I don't at all remember learning. I mean, it must have happened somewhere along the line, but where that was is a complete mystery. Maybe it was during those foggy junior high years. 

So last last year when a teacher emailed to ask for sets of scientific notation pennants, I took a deep breath said yes. It's fun [re]learning things. 

Scientific Notation math pennant activities

Super teacher Ms. Doty sent me this photo of her students' converting scientific notation pennants

Converting Scientific Notation Pennant activity

I love this photo because of how much care she and her students took to make such an awesome display.

A couple months ago another teacher asked if I could make a few extra pennants for dividing scientific notation that were a little easier, so I made a set and posted them on my blog for free. 

They're labeled #31 through #40 and can be used as a supplement to the set of 30 dividing scientific notation pennants that are in my TpT store. You can download the free set of 10 supplemental pennants for free here.

Scientific notation pennant bundle

This scientific notation math pennant bundle includes math pennants for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in scientific notation.

Scientific notation review digital math escape room

I've been working through my list of teacher requests for digital math escape rooms and can't seem to make them fast enough. I recently completed this scientific notation review digital math escape room. The entire activity it housed in one Google Form, making it super easy to assign without worry of broken links. There are 5 puzzles to solve, each unlocking with a 4-letter code. You can read more about these activities in
this digital math escape room post.

I asked some friends if they have any resources that make learning and practicing Scientific Notation fun. 
Tyra from Algebra and Beyond highly recommends these Scientific Notation Stations from Free To Discover. There are 6 stations that give practice on all sorts of Scientific Notation problems.

Scientific Notation Stations from Free to Discover

Kara from Learning Made Radical has this fun, fall-themed coloring activity that covers multiplying and dividing in Scientific Notation...

Multiplying and Dividing Scientific Notation Problem Color By Number Activity from Learning Made Radical

and a Scientific Notation foldable to help kids remember what to do with that pesky decimal. 

Scientific Notation to Standard Form and Vice Versa Interactive Notes Activity from Learning Made Radical

Mandy from Math Dyal makes awesome puzzles that get kids engaged in their learning and her Scientific Notation puzzle does just that: 

Scientific Notation Tarsia Puzzle from Math Dyal

Jennifer from Smith Curriculum and Consulting gathered up a bunch of scientific notation activities on her blog, including this scientific notation solve and snip:

And here are some other resources for teaching and practicing Scientific Notation:

fun scientific notation activities

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  1. Great ideas! I love your bundle with 120 pennants so teachers and students can mix and match operations!