Happy Christmas in July! {3 Math resources for $1}

It's July 25!  To celebrate Christmas in July, I've put these three Math resources on sale for $1 each. You can search Teachers Pay Teachers for #ChristmasMATHinJuly click through each of the resources below to find them for $1 through Tuesday July 26. 

Christmas Math in July

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Here are the 3 Christmas in July Math resources on sale for just $1!

First up is this Function Stories pennant where kids draw the graphs of stories typed on each pennant. Each story is about a kid walking between school and home at various speeds.

Next up is this Mixed to Improper Fractions pennant. Kids color the Christmas-themed shapes based on the improper fraction or mixed number given on each pennant.

And last but not least are these Winter Slope Task Cards. Each group of students is given a grid with woodland animals printed on it and a set of cards. The fin is finding the slope between the reindeer's nose and the blue bird's pom pom.

Happy Christmas in July!

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