Intro to the Graphing Calculator

This past week I finally introduced my Algebra 2 students to the graphing calculator. We found zeros and vertices, and by Wednesday I had probably said "left bound, right bound" three million times. Seriously. Wednesday afternoon I made this poster to help everyone remember where to put the cursor to find the zeros of a quadratic. 

Making free posters at work
It's hard to tell but this poster is made from 4 sheets of regular computer paper taped together and trimmed into a square. I made the poster for free by following the directions in this post.

Too much sitting!
By the end of the week, we needed a get-up-and-move activity so I made my students a scavenger hunt. Questions included: find the zeros, find the vertex and find the y-intercept. They all liked the y-intercept questions:) You can find this activity in the sidebar "freebies" section too. To get the practice we needed in this unit, we used this graphing calculator warm up template.

Free Quadratic Zeros Quick-Check Template

It helped my students gain confidence working with the graphing calculator to find zeros. 

More quadratics activities are found in the post Fun with Quadratics.


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    1. Thank you Richard! I love that there are more and more free online graphing calculator options for students who may not be able to afford a TI. I appreciate you linking this one!