Using your iphone to advance Prezi slides

I am PSYCHED about this Prezi tutorial. It quickly explains in super simple terms how to use your iphone as a clicker to click through Prezi presentations. 

It's so simple and not just for pro users (at least not that I can tell) even though the tutorial video mentions this at the very beginning (?)

My favorite Prezi feature is the zooming part. You can't see any of them, but right in that picture of the bottom of the Eiffel Tower are 20 slides - 10 question and 10 answer slides! I chose the bottom of the Eiffel Tower because it's a parabola:) Prezi will zoom into where I place the slides until they magically appear on the screen. You can even turn the slides so that the whole screen turns as you approach the next slide.

Tomorrow's Prezi is a series of 10 quadratic factoring problems (and answers) so that students can check their understanding. 

I made the slides in Powerpoint, saved them all as PNGs then inserted them as photographs in Prezi. I love burying my green answer slides within the blue question slides then watching Prezi zoom further and further into the question slide until the answer slide appears. So cool!

I like Prezi a whole lot more than Powerpoint in the classroom because it's more engaging with its cool movements. And now I am super excited to use my iphone to advance the slides! I downloaded a free app from iTunes, watched the tutorial (linked above) and am all set to dazzle my students. If you have never used Prezi and are a bit intimidated, I know how you feel! I hadn't looked at it in years, but it's really super simple once you get [back] into it. The Prezi website has a bunch of great learning resources like this one, which is a short video to get you started. 


  1. Ummm my students would steal the phone....

    1. I used to teach in a school like that:( This is a post about how the teacher can use their personal iphone as a clicker to advance slides during a presentation. Students don't need to touch the phone.