Factoring Quadratics Interactive Notebook

Flippables for a factoring interactive notebook (foldables)

Last year brought so many changes to my family and to school, from going back to work after an extended maternity leave to a principal change mid-year. It was one of those school years that felt so short until I looked back and realized how much had changed. By the end of last year, I felt like a toddler's fork in a light socket. In between wrapping things up for school and scrapping together dinner every once in a while (I need crock pot ideas BADLY), I worked on a project that had been a long time coming - a factoring quadratics interactive notebook. 

Here's one of the flippables:

That opens up to this:

Factoring is of of those topics that high school students see every year. So why don't they master it? By the time my Algebra 2 students get to me, they are so sick of factoring and afraid of it. This set of flippables presents factoring in a super interactive way.

Here's one on factoring differences of squares:

and a few for when A is not 1:

I'm psyched about this interactive notebook because one, I have been thinking about it for seemingly ever. But I'm most psyched about bringing it to my Algebra 2 classes next year to make factoring seem fresh and new.


  1. thank very interesting, iam a math teacher in Puerto Rico, this is very helpfull i'm preparing for next year

    1. Thank you! My husband and I visited El Yunke a few years ago. It is the most beautiful place I have ever visited:)