How to Enlarge a File to a Poster!

If your PDFs aren't giving you the multi-page poster option in "print", this post is for you! Once, long, long ago, I looked into what it would cost at Staples to make a poster for my classroom.

I was blown away. Um, we're teachers, not anesthesiologists. You want HOW much?? No really, that's crazy.

Here is a way you can enlarge a file into a poster-sized wall hanging for your classroom without paying Staples. 

Steps to enlarge any pdf into a poster:

1: Go to to convert from pdf to jpeg.
2: Go to to enlarge from jpeg to poster.
3: Save as pdf to your computer.
*4: Print from saved file. 
5: Cut and paste (tape) together!
6: Hang in classroom!

There are step-by-step picture directions in the post Enlarging any file to a classroom poster - for free!  

For the quadratics poster at the top of the page, click here

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