Christmas Math Pennants

The days leading up to Christmas break are crazy. Some kids are excited about Santa, some are excited to be away from school, others are not at all excited about being home. This all leads to a giant soup of emotions that can be really hard to manage.  

I've written a lot about math pennants and how much students enjoying seeing their work displayed. Math pennants also work great for keeping students focused during this time of year. In this post I wanted to highlight some of the holiday math pennants I have made that have a Christmas theme.

You can find all of these holiday math ornaments in the Holiday Math section of my TpT store.

area and perimeter math ornaments

These area and perimeter ornaments ask students to find the area and perimeter of irregular shapes that are measured in unit squares. Students can decorate their pennants with bows and holly.

mixed number improper fraction math pennants

I've done a few sets covering fractions, like this mixed number to improper fractions set that asks students to convert between the two forms. 

fraction math ornaments for Christmas

And the three in this photo come from a set of 60 holiday fraction ornaments covering fraction addition, subtraction and multiplication. These also come in non-holiday form.

graphing linear equations ornaments Christmas Algebra activity

Most of the time when I ask my juniors and seniors if they would rather take their graded papers home or hang them on our classroom "Fridge", they choose to hang them on our fridge. I like this too because we can point to their hard work on harder days as proof that they CAN do it.  

Shown above is a set of graphing linear equations ornaments.

Christmas math solving equations ornaments for Algebra

Here is a newer set of solving equations ornaments. There are 15 for 2-step equation and 15 for multi-step equations. Teachers have mentioned using parts of the set in the different classes they teach. The linear equations ornaments and these solving equations ornaments also come bundled.

I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing break that you enjoy to its fullest. You deserve every minute of it. You are changing lives! That takes a lot of energy!

Holiday math pennants

You can see more math pennants for other holidays, like Pi Day and Valentine's Day, in my Holiday Math Pennants post.

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