Geometry Warm-up Template

Now that testing is finally over and we are in the final throws of the school year, what sorts of activities do you do to keep kids engaged? In my last post, teachers offered their tips with links to some of the resources they use. There were a lot of projects, including an amazing link to free NASA activities!

Here in MA, high school students move from Algebra 1 to Geometry to Algebra 2. If you teach any of these subjects, you know how slippery a topic slope (ha!) can be. With this Geometry quick check, I wanted to integrate Geometry with Algebra so that students can get the extra practice with both before summer vacation. 

(Like my other quick check templates, they print 2 to a page) 

You can use this template a couple different ways. One way is to give a triangle and have students fill in the rest. You can ask them to find the slope and midpoint of specific side(s) or leave this up to them. 

Most likely more than one student in the room will choose the same side, so this will be easy to check. Another way to use the template is to give the vertices and have students draw the triangle. This way also offers plotting practice.  

I use Quick Checks all the time in my classes because of how easy and organized they keep warm ups, quick checks for understanding and exit tickets. You can download this Geometry quick check template for free here.

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