Solving Equations Activities

Are you looking for a fun solving equations activity? In this post are a bunch of solving equations activities that work great as centers, stations, review activities and independent work.

When you ask adults what they remember about geometry, they almost always answer, "A squared plus B squared equals C squared." And when you ask them about algebra they think of solving equations. 

In this post I round up some solving equations activities that I have made and that some of my friends have made. Some are paper, others have been updated with digital links, all will work to engage your students as they learn, practice and review solving equations.  

free solving equations math pennant activity

"My students absolutely LOVE these pennants! And I hate decorating bulletin boards so this is a painless way to keep [things] festive!" -iheartmath

This solving 2-step equations math pennant is a free download by subscribing to my blog. 

Students solve equations, color their pennants and then decorate the classroom with their work. I have seen so much benefit come from displaying student work that I wanted to make a solving equations activity that doubled as classroom decor. 

Solving Equations Mix-Match (printable version)
Solving Equations Mix-Match (printable version)

This solving equations mix-match activity has been updated to also include a link to a digital version on GOOGLE Slides:

Solving Equations Mix-Match (digital version)
Solving Equations Mix-Match (digital version)

Both the printable and digital versions are included in the same file so that you can choose which to give to your students based on whether you are in school, following a blended learning model or teaching remotely. I have updated most of my algebra activities to now include digital links. 

Solving 2-Step Equations Digital Math Escape Room

To meet the needs of classrooms with technology, I've been making these super-engaging digital math escape rooms. The one above is a screenshot from a Solving 2-Step Equations Digital Math Escape Room.

Solving equations with a graphic organizer that helps students see what steps to take

I use this solving equations graphic organizer with students who are having trouble solving equations. It gets kids solving equations fast when they have no idea where to even start. 

Solving equations using algebra tiles

Algebra tiles are a great way to introduce and practice solving equations. There is a free algebra tiles solving mat and printable algebra tiles in this post.

Kara from Learning Made Radical and I have been collaborating on these partner scavenger hunt activities that get kids working together. The one above is 2-step equations partner scavenger hunt

And this set of solving equations ornaments is fun for around the holidays.

My friend Alex from Middle School Math Man and I have been working on a new collaborative math game series called Voyage to the Treasure! In this game, students are on the same team, working together to solve their math problems to beat the Math Monster to the treasure. 

Here is a short video showing how the game works:

All of my algebra activities can be found in this Algebra Activities Bundle.

Algebra Activities Bundle w/ GOOGLE updates
Algebra Activities Bundle

This Algebra Activities Bundle w/ GOOGLE updates includes all of the solving equations, slope, functions, linear inequalities, linear equations, quadratics, systems of equations, systems of inequalities, domain and range and polynomials activities I have made. The bundle is updated whenever I create a new algebra activity or update an activity with a digital link.

Are you looking for a fun solving equations activity? In this post are a bunch of solving equations activities that work great as centers, stations, review activities and independent work.

More Solving Equations Activities

I've made a bunch of friends through this blog and my work with tpt. I reached out to some of my "math friends" for their solving equations activities. Here is a roundup of the ideas they sent:

The Sum-em activities from Karrie at Mrs. E Teaches Math are amazing in how they get students collaborating as a team. Students work in groups of 4, each getting a card. 

When everyone completes their problem, they sum their answers. If the sum is correct, the group is correct! If not, the group members help each other until all equations have been solved correctly. The cards above are for solving multi-step equations. 

Mrs. E also has a Sum-em activity for equations requiring distribution.

I love the looks of Karrie's colorful 2-step equations task cards, which can be used as practice or assessment.  

"You've got math talent!" I love, love, love find the error questions because of the way they foster higher order thinking. Especially with all that can go wrong with solving multi-step equations, finding errors is a super important skill to develop. 

The solving equations error analysis sheets from Amanda at Free to Discover work great as warm-ups, student practice, stations and homework. 

When I think of Jennifer from Smith Curriculum and Consulting, I think of her mind-blowing interactive notebooks. She runs workshops all over the country, teaching teachers about INBs. 

This flippable for solving equations is part of a mini-unit that also includes task cards and practice. 

Here is the inside of the flippable.

Jennifer has also been making these Spin to Win games that are pretty cool. Here is a photo of one in her 8th grade set for solving equations.

Kara from Learning Made Radical's no solution, infinite solutions and no solution cut and paste activity is a perfect way to hit 8.EE.C.7. It also requires the students to pause, think and really analyze the equations they are given.

Every activity in Kara's store is fun, including this scavenger hunt and a set of Google slides for solving equations with variables on both sides. 

My favorite thing about Alex from Middle School Math Man's math games is that the student who solves the fastest doesn't automatically win, helping all students feel included and like they have a chance. 

This is one of his newer games that covers multi-step equations

Mandy from Math Dyal has created a bunch of self-checking solving equations activities, which is important as students learn to solve (and super time-saving for us). This puzzle asks kids to distribute and combine like terms.

Mandy also made this beautiful coloring activity for 2-step equations that is also self-checking. Best yet, kids can choose their own colors, upping the buy-in.

And I love her solving equations dominoes because they are self-checking and, best yet, free! 

And what could be more fun than this battleship activity partner game from Tyra at Algebra and Beyond? The most determined multi-step equation solver (with a sprinkle of luck) wins. Students love this game. 

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