Holiday Math

Holiday math pennant activities for Halloween, fall, Thanksgiving, Pi Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Back to School, Earth Day, Easter, winter

Here you'll find a bunch of holiday math activities for celebrating back to school, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Pi Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter and Earth Day. The finished math pennants make for festive student-created math classroom d├ęcor! The activities are listed in the order they fall throughout the school year.

Holiday Math Activities 

back to school math pennant and glyph with a golden spiral theme

This back to school math pennant has a Golden Spiral theme and is a great way to incorporate math into those important get-to-know-you activities at the beginning of the school year or new semester.

pumpkin math pennants for founding decimals

These pumpkin rounding decimals pennants ask students to round numbers with decimals into the hundredths to the nearest ten, whole and tenth. Each of the 30 pennants has 2 problems on it. 

pumpkin math pennants for founding whole numbers

A few teachers asked if I could make a rounding pennant with whole numbers instead of decimals. This rounding numbers pumpkin pennant for younger kids asks students to round whole numbers in the hundreds place to the nearest ten and hundred. 

Halloween Pumpkin Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Math Pennants

This simplifying algebraic expressions pumpkin pennant has students practicing the distributive property and combining like terms.

multiplication ghost math pennants for Halloween

Students multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers on these funny multiplication ghost pennants. Problems very in difficulty, making it easy to differentiate.

Multiplication Math Pennant Activity for Halloween (3x2 digit)

A teacher asked for a similar set for her 5th graders. Here is a 3x2-digit set of ghost pennants.

1-Digit Multiplication Math Pennant Activity for Halloween

Here's a
 new set of ghost pennants for 1-digit multiplication.

Long Division Halloween Ghost Math Pennant Activity

And another new set of long division ghost pennants.

domain and tange cornucopia math pennant for Thanksgiving or fall in Algebra

Students find domain and range of graphs, then identify each graph as either a function or not a function, in these domain and range cornucopia pennants. 

Solving equations ghost pennants for Halloween

There are 40 pennants in this solving equations ghost pennants activity- 20 for 1-step equations and 20 for 2-step equations.

Solving Proportions Thanksgiving Math Pennants

Here is a newer set of proportion math pennants with a fall theme.

These plotting points plotting points snowflake pennants are a fun introduction to plotting functions from tables. 

A 6th grade teacher emailed to ask for a set of snowflakes for her students. Here is a graphing proportional relationship snowflake pennant

solving equations math pennant ornaments for Christmas and winter holidays

Students solve 2-step and multi-step equations in this solving equations ornaments activity that is great for decorating an Algebra class for the holidays. 

graphing linear equations math pennant ornaments for Christmas and winter holidays

These graphing linear equations ornaments make a festive classroom display. Students graph from slope-intercept and point-slope forms, graph given slope and a point, graph given 2 points, and write equations in slope-intercept and point-slope forms. 


These Christmas-themed fraction pennants are some of my favorites because I got super inspired and made a lot of the clipart myself. These ask students to convert between mixed number and improper fractions then color in the portions.  

Fraction Ornaments Holiday Math Pennants mini-bundle

area and perimeter math pennant ornaments for Christmas and winter holidays

A 3rd grade teacher asked me to make her some ornaments for area and perimeter for her students like the ones I made for older kids. She was very excited when I sent her these area and perimeter ornaments.

Finding area and perimeter of rectangles, squares, circles, triangles and composite figures holiday ornament activity

The above set of finding area and perimeter ornaments is for older kids and covers area and perimeter of rectangles, squares, circles, triangles and composite figures made of rectangles. 

Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Decimals Holiday Ornament Activities

This set of 120 decimals ornaments for adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals is differentiated and includes 4 blank pennants for each activity to customize even further.

Multiplication holiday ornament activity

A set of holiday multiplication ornaments.

Division Ornaments Activity for Christmas Winter Holidays

And a set of division ornaments with enough space to practice your chosen method.

Multiplying and Dividing Decimals by Powers of 10 Holiday Ornaments

And a newer set of multiplying and dividing decimals by powers of 10 ornaments. These had been a request from a 5th grade teacher.

Algebra Hearts Pennant bundle

These inequalities hearts pennants are a fun way to practice graphing linear inequalities while also decorating for Valentine's Day. 

slope intercept hearts math pennant for Valentine's Day in Algebra

These linear equations hearts pennants make me wish I still taught Algebra 1! Students graph slope-intercept form equations and find the equations of given graphs. 

Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers Valentine's Day Heart Pennants

Adding mixed numbers keeps coming up in different contexts with the middle schooler I have been tutoring, so I thought these Add and subtract mixed numbers Valentine's Day heart pennants would be a fun way for students to practice.

Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers Valentine's Day hearts math pennants

A teacher asked me to make this set of multiplying and dividing mixed numbers hearts pennants.

Valentine's Day Algebra Graphing Exponential Functions Math Pennant

These graphing exponential functions hearts pennants were another teacher request. 

Pi Day math pennant activity

These Pi Day pennants were one of my most ambitious projects. Getting them perfect took forever, but the feedback I have received from teachers has made it all worth it. 

Students work with the circle formulas to find area, circumference, radius and diameter. Includes an optional student answer sheet and answer key. You can see my other Pi Day activities in this Pi Day blog post.

Pi Day math pennant activity

I got a lot of requests to make Pi Day pennants for younger kids, so these are a little simpler and ask students to find areas and circumferences of circles. There's a pie on each pennant to color. Yum! 

PI DAY Digital Math Escape Room
Pi Day digital math escape room

This one isn't a math pennant, but I thought I'd link it here anyway. Above is Puzzle #2 of a Pi Day digital math escape room where students answer questions to crack the codes of 5 puzzles. This one is more for students who are comfortable with the circle, sphere and cylinder formulas and solving for specific variables within the formulas.

A teacher messaged asking if I could make a similar Pi Day escape room for middle school, and it was fun adapting to younger students. This Pi Day digital math escape room for middle school has students solving for area and circumference only.

Saint Patrick's Day dividing fractions and whole numbers math pennant activity

Saint Patrick's Day Algebra Graphing Exponential Functions Shamrock Math Pennant

And a set of shamrocks for graphing exponential functions.

Easter Egg Math Pennant for Evaluating Functions

These Easter egg functions pennants are a fun way to celebrate Spring or Easter. 

Earth Day math pennant

I focused on fun facts about Earth with this Earth Day math pennant. I wanted to combine science and math with this one, so each pennant has a word problem (solvable with + - x or /) related to its picture. 

Testing season isn't technically a holiday, but I wanted to add it into this post since it rolls around every year. This editable Math Boss pennant helps boost student confidence before their exams. You can type student names into the top of the pennant and students can color how they'd like.

All of the holiday math pennants in this post can be found in the Holiday Math section of my store.

Holiday math pennants



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    2. Yes definitely! I have been thinking of topic options and would love your input!

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    1. Yes, they are a lot like any other activity in this way. Though laminating and reusing each year is an interesting thought....

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