6th Grade Math Word Wall

Transform Your Bulletin Board into a 6th Grade Math Vocabulary Focus Wall

Are you looking for a way to support your 6th grade math students? In this post are just some of the visual 6th grade math vocabulary references included in a 6th grade math word wall. The math word wall has grown a lot over the years as I have added teacher requests, and now includes a printable color version, a printable black & white version, an interactive digital version in Google Slides, and printable Spanish vocabulary.

There's a lot more in this math vocabulary word wall for 6th grade than shown in this post. I wanted to highlight just a few of the many references.

data and statistics references on a 6th grade math word wall

Here's part of the 6th grade math word wall's data section showing mean, median, mode, range, mean absolute deviation, box plot, quartiles, interquartile range, dot plot, histogram and bar graph. 

Skew math focus wall reference

Skew was a more recent teacher request. Here you can see the vocabulary right skew, left skew, no skew. 

how to transform a percent to a decimal

Here are a couple simple references for converting a percent into a decimal. I hand-colored a lot of the references in this post. Every reference is also included in color in the 6th grade math word wall.

Nets on a 6th grade vocabulary focus wall

Nets were another teacher request. Here you can see the vocabulary references and nets for cube, triangular pyramid, right square pyramid, cylinder, rectangular prism, and triangular prism. I also hand-colored the b&w versions of these. They are also included in color if you have a color printer.

stem and leaf references

Here are the references for stem and leaf plot and frequency table.

supports for solving 1-step equations

These solving 1-step equations posters were the most recent addition to the 6th grade math word wall from a teacher request.

fractions focus wall

There are posters in the math word wall for multiplying and dividing fractions using visual models, as well as references for the coordinate plane, ordered pair, independent variable and dependent variable.

How to find GCF and LCM

Here is another recent addition to the 6th grade math word wall for finding LCM and GCF. A ladder method reference is also included, if you prefer that method for teaching greatest common factor and least common multiple. 

Here's a gif showing how the digital 6th grade math word wall works. Each image on the home screen clicks to a larger image.  

There is a short video here showing more of what is included in the word wall.

You can find the word wall for download here:


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