Print and Digital Algebra Activities

Print and digital algebra

In this post are some of the many printable algebra activities I've made over the years and their more recent digital updates. Every digital version is either in Google Slides or Google Forms. 

Every algebra activity in this post is available individually on TPT.

Solving Equations Mix Match Activity - print and digital
Solving equations mix-match - digital version

Here is the digital version of a solving equations mix-match where students mix and match two sides of equations, then solve. In the digital version, students drag and drop the expression pieces to build their equations.

Solving Equations Mix-Match activity
Solving equations mix-match - printable version

Above is the printable version of the same solving equations mix-match activity. Students cut out their slips, then build 25 equations to solve. 

This 2-step equations digital math escape room now also comes in printable PDF form for days you'd like kids to work offline. The digital version is a self-checking Google Form.

Linear Equations Puzzle - print and digital
Linear equations puzzle - digital version

This linear equations puzzle is digital in Google Slides. Students build 6 puzzles by matching their equations to their graphs. The equations are in point-slope, slope-intercept and standard forms. There are 3 puzzles on a slide so that students do not have to copy and paste from one slide to another. 

linear equations puzzle
Linear equations puzzle - printable version

Above is the printable version of the linear equations puzzle. Each digital version calls for a unique format and it's been a fun challenge figuring out the best way to add the new versions.

Domain and Range Matching and Sorting Activity - print & GOOGLE Slides
Domain and range sort - digital version

This domain and range sorting activity spans 5 slides so that it's chunked into manageable pieces. This format makes the activity more accessible for students working independently on the computer so that they do not have to switch between slides.

Domain and Range sorting activity
Domain and range sort - printable version

Both the paper and digital versions are in the same file so that you can choose which to give to your students and you always have access to both forms.

Quadratic Word Problems Algebra Activity Tasks (TRINOMIALS) printable version
Quadratic word problems task cards - printable version

These quadratic word problems task cards were always a hit in my class. By the time we got though the activity, students had a solid understanding of when a word problem was asking for a zero or a vertex coordinate. Above is the printable version.

Quadratic Word Problems Algebra Activity Tasks (TRINOMIALS) digital version in Google Forms
Quadratic word problems task cards - digital version

And the digital version of the quadratic word problems task cards are in Google Forms.

Linear equations digital math escape room

I've also made a few digital-only activities for algebra, like this linear equations digital math escape room. There are 5 puzzles in each escape room, each unlocked with a 4-letter code. 

Linear equations digital math escape room

The digital escape room is set with answer validation so that students must enter the correct code to move on to the next puzzle. In this video preview, the first puzzle's code was entered correctly, but the second code wasn't. Students can keep trying until they get the right code by answering all questions correctly.

Graphing Exponential Functions Activity - print & GOOGLE Slides
Graphing exponential functions - digital version

To update this graphing exponential functions activity, I made the Google Slides version a drag-and-drop matching activity. The paper version asks students to hand draw their graphs and fill in the parent and shifted tables.

Graphing Exponential Functions Activity with GOOGLE Slides
Graphing exponential functions - printable version

Here is the digital version of a graphing linear inequalities matching activity:

Graphing linear inequalities match - digital version

And a closeup of part of its print version. Students match linear inequalities written in both standard and slope-intercept form to their graphs.

Graphing linear inequalities match - print version

My bestselling algebra 1 word wall also got a digital update. Here is a portion of its printable version:

Algebra 1 word wall - printable version
Algebra word wall

Here is the algebra 1 word wall's digital version, interactive in Google Slides. Students click each image to enlarge its reference:

Algebra 1 Word Wall - digital version in Google Slides
Algebra word wall

All of the algebra resources in this post are available separately and in this big Algebra Activities Bundle:

Algebra Activities Bundle
Algebra Activities Bundle

"There are so many resources, I love that there is a ton to choose from. The digital escape rooms are so much fun! My students love them. I love that they are self checking! — Julia P" 

"Such a comprehensive, engaging and value for money bundle as Shana is always updating resources. There are google slides and digital activities being added all the time. Students find the activities fun yet they are also learning cooperatively. I can't say enough about how Scaffolded Math and Science bundles are well worth the money. They are low prep as well. I seriously don't know how Shana creates so many good resources. She must never get to sleep! Thank you Shana." -Sarah M

Shana McKay


  1. Do you have 7th grade word wall virtual yet? Thanks so much for all you do!!

    1. I will be working on making all of the word walls virtual this summer:)

    2. Update: it's updated! :)

  2. Hi, I just purchased a bunch of your activities. I'm not quite sure how to use the ones that are GoogleSlides with my remote learners. How do I assign it. We don't use Google classroom, we use Schoology. I was able to copy the links of the Escape Rooms to share with students.

    1. Thank you for asking this, I should have covered this in my post. Once you are in one of the Google Slides activities, you can "download as" and choose PowerPoint. The pieces will still move just as they do in Google Slides.

    2. Sorry, but I guess I'm technology challenged. How do I share it with individual students. Also, I'm using one of the escape room tomorrow. I put the link on Schoology for my students and it seems to work. Where do I see the data of who completed it, how do I access that?

    3. On the second page of the escape room file are directions for sending to students. Sending a Google Form to students is not the same as sharing Google Slides. You need to choose "send" from the teacher copy of the Form.

  3. So I can't just share the link with kids. We don't have Google classroom so I shared a link on Schoology. It works for kids to use but I didn't know how to see the data. That is for the Escape Room.

    The second question was how I share the one that is Google Slides with kids but I think I figured it out.

    1. Google Forms don't work the same way as Google Slides. If you share the Form, there is no way for students to complete the assignment. Forms need to be sent. The directions inside the PDF explain the process. You click "send" and you can choose to get a link for Schoology, send via email or embed. To see student data, you'll go back into your teacher version (the one you made a copy of from the PDF) and there will be a "Responses" tab at the top.

  4. Thank you. That's what I did for the Escape Room today. I see the tab for responses. When I open it, there aren't any.

  5. I think I know what's happening. I made and copied the link on my home computer and I'm at school. I'll check when I get home

    1. Oh that could be it. If you need it on your school computer, you can either make a new copy from the link inside the PDF or share your home copy with your school email address.

    2. That was it. I'm looking at responses. Does it show me all of the responses or just the ones who completed all 5 puzzles?

    3. Because the Form is set to answer validation, it'll just show the ones who complete all 5. That's when the "submit" button will appear. It would be cool if this changes, but I believe this is how it is for now. A workaround for kids who may not finish in one sitting is to have them jot down on paper the codes they already find so that when they sit with the activity again they can quickly retype these codes before moving on to the puzzles they hadn't yet gotten to.