5 Fun Pi Day Math Activities (and 10 facts about pi)

Pi Day Math Activities

Happy Pi Day! 

In this post are a few Pi Day math activity ideas for celebrating 3/14 in your math classroom. I also wanted to share some fun facts about pi and Pi Day that I have collected over the years. The list includes a link to a website where you can search the digits of pi for any string of numbers, including your phone number, birthdate or any other string of numbers you choose.

Pi day mobile craftivity
Pi Day mobile


1: It took 1,000 years to prove pi irrational.

2: The first people to refer to the ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle were the Ancient Egyptians.

3: "I prefer pi" is a palindrome.

4: Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879.

5: 22/7 is sometimes used to estimate pi.

6: The first major Pi Day celebration was in 1988.

7: Pi has been calculated past the two-quadrillionth digit. 

8: P and pi are both the 16th letters in their alphabets.

9: You can likely find your phone number in pi. Here's the site that searches for it: http://angio.net/pi/. I found mine!

10: 3.14 backwards is PIE. How strange!

Pi Day math pennant activity
Pi Day math pennant activity

To celebrate Pi Day, I created a few printable Pi Day math activities that let students get a little artsy while not losing a day of learning. Above is a Pi Day math pennant activity with area and circumference problems and fun pi facts on each pennant. 

Pi Day math pennant activity for middle school
Middle school Pi Day math pennant

For younger students, there is this Pi Day math pennant for middle school with less challenging circle problems. When the pennants are solved and colored, they make a colorful, student-created classroom display.

pi day mobile shown in a classroom

The 3 printable Pi Day math activities above are bundled in this discounted Pi Day activities bundle. They are also available individually.

Pi Day Activities Bundle
Pi Day Activities Bundle

If you're looking for something digital, here are a couple self-checking Pi Day digital math escape rooms built in Google Forms.

The Pi Day digital math escape room above is for students in 8th grade through geometry. Some questions ask students to solve for specific variables in the circle, sphere and cylinder formulas. Students solve the 4 problems in the puzzle, then type the correct code from the answer grid. The Form is answer-validated, so each puzzle will only unlock with the correct 4-letter code. There are 5 puzzles (20 questions) to solve.

For younger students, there is an Pi Day digital math escape room for middle school that only covers finding area and circumference. Above is puzzle #1.

And here's one more cool fact about pi: Just about any string of digits can be found in pi. I found my phone number (without the area code), and the string 314159 (without the decimal point) occurs 175 times within the first 200 million digits of pi!

Pi Day digital math escape room

Pi Day digital math escape room for middle school

Pi Day Mobile

Pi Day Math Pennant

Pi Day Math Pennant for Middle School

100 Digits of Pi Pennants


Happy Pi Day! and birthday to Albert Einstein!


  1. The pi day activity #10 isn't "backwards" its a reflection about a veetical line. An even better math activity.

  2. I just wish Pi Day didn't land on spring break every year.

    1. Around here we get a February break and an April break...March is a long haul! Happy vacation Pi Day! :)