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4 FREE Algebra and Algebra 2 Warm-up Templates

I LOVE math templates. It makes life so much easier to know my warm up is all set to go. When I first wrote this post, I had only made 4 Algebra and Algebra 2 templates. Since then, I've added a whole bunch more. 

Free Algebra Warm up template

This Algebra 1 template is the result of a teacher seeing my Algebra 2 template and wanting one for her students. Students are given one piece of information (either the graph, table or equation) and then fill in the rest. Here is the template inside a page protector:

Algebra warm-up template in a page protector

As a special education math teacher, I know how hard it can be to reach the needs of every student. I have found that building in little success whenever I can helps tremendously. Math templates are great for this because they offer consistency and practice. 

Algebra Activities Bundle

When students get a taste of success, it snowballs into them wanting more. The activities in my Algebra Activities Bundle work for all students, especially those who may be a little afraid of math. 

Free Algebra 2 Warm up template
(Algebra 2 warm up template)

I can't even begin to tell you how many of these Algebra 2 templates I printed last year. I use them for warm-ups, closers, exit tickets or just as quick checks for understanding.

Slipping the templates into pocket protectors allows students to work out answers with a dry-erase marker and also saves paper. To use the template, I project onto the board either a graph or an equation and students fill in the rest from there.

Free Algebra 2 Quick Check
(Algebra 2 quick check template)

I like this quick check for it's "increasing" and "decreasing" fields for my Algebra 2 students because my students need practice finding those intervals. 

Free Projectile Motion Warm up template
(projectile motion quadratics template)

We use the heck out of this projectile motion template during our quadratics unit! It gives students repeated practice on finding a good graphing calculator window.

Here are all of the math templates I have made so far. You can download each for free. 

Free Math Templates:

Algebra 1 Warm up template

Algebra 2 Warm up template

Polynomials Quick Check

Exponential Functions Algebra warm up template

Projectile motion warm up template

Algebra 2 quick check

Factoring Quick Check Template

Quadratic Zeros Quick-Check Templat

Quadratic Formula Warm Up Template

Systems of equations quick check

And one for Geometry:

Geometry quick check template for bell ringers, warm ups and exit tickets

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